New Jersey borders New York, Pennsylvania and Delaware.  Because we are so close to these states, many workers live in one state but work in another.  Each state has their own workers’ compensation laws and determining which state you can file in can be tricky.  In order to have sufficient contacts for New Jersey’s laws to apply to you, several factors must be examined.  Where did the accident occur?  Where do you live?  Where were you hired?  Where do you work?  Under most circumstances, if the accident happened in New Jersey, then you may file for benefits in New Jersey.   If you live in New Jersey and were hired in New Jersey, but you work out of state, you may file in New Jersey.  However, if you live in New Jersey, but the accident happens out of state, and your work generally happens out of state, you may not file in New Jersey.  While you cannot file multiple claims, in some cases, you may have the right to file a claim in more than one state.  Therefore, it is important to contact an attorney to review your rights under the New Jersey workers’ compensation laws who will help you determine which state you should pursue your claim.