In New Jersey, employers are required to provide workers’ compensation coverage for employees, but did you know that you can elect to cover yourself as well? Small business owners often have to make choices about what insurance they can afford and what they think they can live without. If cutting corners means you do not have disability insurance or health insurance, then you cannot afford not to protect yourself with New Jersey Sole Proprietor Coverage in your workers’ compensation policy.  

Your policy will pay 100% of your medical bills and 70% of your gross weekly wage if you have to miss time from work (with a cap of $794/week in 2010) for work related injuries and illnesses. Additionally, if the injury or illness has a permanent impact on your daily or working life, you may be entitled to a monetary award, even if you return to work. No one ever plans to get hurt or sick, but accidents happen. In the event you have been injured in a work related accident, we have a team of experienced attorneys and paralegals ready to help you. But beware, it is not enough to just purchase the insurance, you must make an election to cover yourself! Contact your insurance agent to inquire about New Jersey Sole Proprietor Coverage .