Your work can be a dangerous place. A recent news article based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics 2010 report states that an average of 12 workers die on the job every day. While mining and police work top the list of 2010’s most dangerous jobs, two out of every five fatalities involved transportation workers, namely truck drivers.  

The New Jersey Turnpike is a main artery in our state and an integral part of the transportation of goods up and down the East coast. It is not surprising that serious accidents, including fatalities occur. Many of these accidents involve workers from other states. An injured worker may be eligible for benefits in either their home state or in New Jersey, whichever is most beneficial to the injured worker. In addition, where there is a fatality, the deceased worker’s dependents are entitled to file for benefits in their own right. It is important to seek advice from counsel in New Jersey, as well as your home state, in order to be able to make an informed decision about your rights.  

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