Several times a year I meet with a potential client or get a call from an injured worker who is facing a denial from the insurance company on grounds that no timely notice of claim was filed. The New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Statute contains the notice provision which must be met. For an accidental injury, notice must be given within 14 days of the injury. There are a few exceptions to this:                                 

Notice may be given within 30 or 90 days as long as the delay in notice does not prejudice the employer. In any case, if notice is not given within 90 days, no compensation will be allowed.  Notice may be written to the employer, given over the phone or in person.

The notice must provide the name of the injured worker, the nature of the injury that took place in the course of employment, when and where it happened. The notice may go to an immediate supervisor or Human Resource representative.

Don’t be someone who loses the opportunity to file a claim because of failure to provide timely notice.