When most people think about workers compensation, they think about accidents in the workplace.  However, some workplace injuries are due to repetitive motion, bad posture or overuse of muscles.

In order to reduce these types of injuries, there has been a move toward designing work areas and tasks to fit with the workers physical abilities, or ergonomics. OSHA and the CDC endorse the use of ergonomics to minimize workplace injuries. In an assembly line setting, it might involve the use of specially designed tools or equipment. In an office setting, it might involve rearranging the furniture or raising or lowering your computer monitor and keyboard. In healthcare, it might be more training in safe lifting or transferring of patients. While it may cost money to ensure that a workspace is ergonomic, the long-term savings in medical costs and employees lost time and productivity should not be overlooked.  

The State of New Jersey offers a number of resources for school environments and public employees. This information is informative and useful in many work situations. If you suffer from muscle pain at work, you should speak to your employer about having an ergonomic study of your workspace done.

In New Jersey, injuries due to poor ergonomics are recognized as occupational injuries. If your injury is severe, it may require medical treatment and could result in permanent injuries. For more information about your rights and the benefits you are entitled to under the New Jersey workers’ compensation statute, please contact me toset up a free consultation here in my firm’s Lawrenceville, New Jersey office in order to discuss your possible courses of action.