A new program titled Pledge to Share the Road is underway through the Motorcycle Safety Coalition. Our attorneys at Stark & Stark support this program and its goal to increase driver awareness of motorcycles and to encourage safe driving practices for everyone’s benefit. Through this program it is hoped we can encourage all motorists to share the road. The site has numerous safety tips, information and tools for drivers of all ages. Here are a few tips:

Respect Riders: they have the same rights and privileges as all other vehicles

Don’t Drive Distracted: Texting is illegal and extremely dangerous to everyone

Don’t Assume: Be aware that motorcyclists may have to maneuver to avoid a road condition you don’t worry about in a car or truck; give the cycle extra space 

Use Turn Signals: warn others well before you change lanes or make a turn

Check Blind Spots: motorcycles are smaller than cars and may not be readily seen

Don’t Tailgate: motorcycles may have to brake suddenly or swerve to avoid a pothole; if the vehicle in front of a motorcycle suddenly stops a tailgating vehicle would pose an extreme danger to the rider

We all should know these rules of the road but far too many drivers have forgotten them or fail to follow them. Please remind your fellow drivers of these simple rules of the road and join the Motorcycle Safety Coalition and Pledge to Share the Road.

If you would like to take the pledge to share the road, Click here and Pledge to win up to $50 in gas cards.