Recently Samsung axed its entire line of Galaxy Note 7 phones because, despite efforts to replace the original batch with working models, they were unable to correct the battery defect that causes and injuries. Despite the company’s heartfelt plea for users to return the phones, social media reports showed that some people wanted to the keep the dangerous items. In response to the ongoing danger, the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) on Friday banned the phone on all U.S. airplanes. Many international airlines have instituted similar bans.

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Recently, Samsung voluntarily recalled millions of its Galaxy Note 7 phones because the batteries were catching fire and causing injuries. This decision was made at a crucial time—right before the launch of competitor Apple’s new iPhone. Why did they do it? Because within two weeks of its release there were 35 cases of the phone exploding or catching fire. Although that does not seem like a large number of incidents from millions of units, Samsung made the conservative call in light of growing reports of injuries from lithium battery malfunctions in other electronic devices.

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