Shareholder John A. Sakson, Executive Committee member and Director and Chair of the Personal Injury and Workers’ Comp Group, was recertified by the National Board of Trial Advocacy (NBTA) as a civil trial advocate. Mr. Sakson has been a Certified Civil Trial Attorney since 1983.

The NBTA was started with the goal to create an objective set of standards which illustrate an attorney’s experience and expertise in the practice of trial law. In order to become an NBTA board certified trial attorney, an attorney must successfully demonstrate substantial trial experience, submit judicial and peer references, attend continuing legal education (CLE) courses, and provide proof of good standing as an attorney. The NBTA is committed to safeguarding the public’s ability to choose a quality attorney.

As a result of the stringent requirements, approximately only 3 percent of American attorneys are successfully board certified and become members of this select and prestigious group.

“I’m honored to have received the NBTA’s recertification,” said Mr. Sakson. “I have been a Certified Civil Trial Attorney for over three decades now, and I hope to continue that record through the rest of my career as an attorney.”