If you’re from the Philadelphia area and you’re a major soccer fan, it’s possible you’ve heard of Daniel “Danny” Califf.  Mr. Califf is the former captain of the Philadelphia Union team in Major League Soccer.  However, you probably have not heard of Mr. Califf’s injuries, which he suffered as a result of an exploding E-Cigarette.

Unfortunately, Mr. Califf was in the process of using an E-Cigarette when it exploded in his face, which caused first and second degree burns, a concussion, and a fractured cheek bone.  Mr. Califf filed a lawsuit against in the state of California as a result of injuries he suffered as a result of an E-Cigarette.  And he’s not the only one.   In two other lawsuits, one individual injured by an exploding E-Cigarette lost a finger, and another received burns so severe that a skin graft was required.

After the E-Cigarette exploded, 23-year-old Vincent Garza’s tongue was burned so severely that it necessitated 2 surgeries and left him with a permanent lisp.  He also required surgery for his index finger, which was eventually amputated at the knuckle.  There was no warning that something might be remiss with the E-Cigarette, as Mr. Garza simply went to use it, pressed a button, and the device exploded.

This was unlike another, separate E-Cigarette lawsuit, filed by Jennifer Ries.  She won this recent case after an E-Cigarette battery exploded in her car after it began to leak a liquid.  Mr. Garza received no such “warning” that there would be a problem with the device.

Meanwhile, yet another E-Cigarette user, Gregory Phillips, suffered injuries in yet another way.  Mr. Phillips’ E-cigarette exploded, not while he was in the process of using it, but while it lay in his pocket as he was walking down the street.  Phillips suffered burn injuries to his left leg and subsequently required a skin graft.

Mr. Califf, Mr. Garza, and Mr. Phillips all were using a “safe” E-cigarette and subsequently suffered serious and unpredictable injuries.  Despite this, the E-cigarette industry remains unregulated and can be described as nothing short of dangerous.

As it is becoming very clear, E-Cigarettes are not safe, yet money is still poured into this budding billion dollar industry anyway.  I personally have yet to see any E-Cigarette marketing materials that warn of potential harm, including fractured cheek bones, skin grafts, concussions, or the loss of a finger.  As the examples above show us, these injuries can be very significant and should not be ignored.  Here at Stark & Stark, we recognize the dangers associated with E-Cigarettes.

If you are injured as a result of an E-Cigarette, it is recommended that you seek experienced legal counsel immediately.