In a time when most companies are moving sales to the internet, Juul is apparently exploring opening brick and mortar stores to sell its controversial e-cigarette products. Valued at approximately $38 billion (since investment from big tobacco company, Altria), Juul can afford to test new distribution outlets. The first launches are rumored to open in Texas and South Korea.

According to the unnamed source, Juul is considering the move in order to control underage sales of its products. If launched, its stores will supposedly only allow adult entry. Juul has been under intense scrutiny since they swept up 75% of the e-cigarette market with their innovative design, youth-appeal advertising campaigns, and high-level nicotine products.

Unfortunately, Juul has already captured an entire generation of underage vape users, suggesting a cry of “too little, too late,” may be appropriate. In support of this is a class action suit against Juul that includes a subset of twelve minors claiming to be addicted to nicotine due to the product design and Juul’s failure to warn them of the increased risk. The vaping addiction also brings serious health dangers including cancer, genetic defects, and lung disease.