As if e-cigarette battery explosions and the potential dangers of lung damage from inhaling the e-cigarette liquids didn’t pose enough danger, now e-cigarettes are being used to intensify the nicotine experience via dripping.

In dripping, an e-cigarette user applies the nicotine liquid directly on the heated coils to produce thick clouds of vapor. Why? According to a new Yale study, to produce a “more flavorful effect.” The study involved more than 7000 high school students.

The study showed that approximately 15% of kids had tried vaping. Of those over 25% had tried dripping which according to the study suggests an emerging trend.

“Teens are certainly drawn to both the novelty of the product and the availability of different flavors,” said Dr. Suchitra Krishnan, lead author in the study.

Unfortunately the flavoring in the liquids are only approved by the FDA for human consumption and some have been shown to cause severe lung damage when inhaled, including from the chemical diacetyl which has been shown to cause popcorn lung.

Whether or not dripping liquids on heated electrical coils will lead to more explosions of e-cigarettes is unknown at this time. What does seem clear is that the full list of dangers form e-cigarette use are largely unknown at this early stage. Preliminary information has only identified the risk of lung damage from liquids, poisoning from the liquids, and product defect explosion injuries.

If you or anyone you know has been affected by e-cigarette or vaping product use, it is important to seek out experienced legal counsel who is familiar with emerging legal trends and can help you work with insurance companies and the courts to seek assistance and remedies for injuries.