Don George of Los Angeles, a retired Air Force veteran, is the latest example of the dangers associated with use of an e-cigarette. George recently filed suit in Los Angeles after being injured when the e-cigarette’s battery exploded, causing permanent scaring to his face and arm. Further, George claims that he had recently changed the battery prior to the explosion, but the device still continued to not work. While trying to determine what was wrong with his e-cigarette, George held the device near his ear in an attempt to hear if the mechanics inside sounded like they were working.

Without further warning, the batter exploded in George’s face. According to him, flames began to shoot from the bottom of the e-cigarette’s battery, burning his face, shoulder, and part of his home’s carpet.

While reporting on Don George’s incident, the local newstation KTLA spoke with firefighters who offered a few tips to prevent a similar occurrence. They suggested keeping the e-cigarette devices away from anything flammable or any “soft furnishings,” like carpeting, pillows, etc.

The firefighters also suggested that consumers should not leave e-cigarettes unattended for significant periods of time while charging, and not to use chargers that were not made specifically for and by the brand of particular e-cigarettes.

While these suggestions are all valid and can help prevent similar accidents from happening, unfortunately there seems to be a larger and ongoing problem with temperamental e-cigarette batteries injuring their consumers.

If you or a family member were injured while using or handling an e-cigarette, it is strongly recommended that you seek experienced counsel immediately.