You read that correctly. The so-called “safe” alternative to cigarettes can used to start a fire—not intentionally, of course. Unfortunately for a man from North Bay, Alabama, the fire started after he attempted to smoke his e-cigarette. Reports indicate that while the man was using the e-cigarette, it exploded in his mouth and the resulting debris from the lithium battery landed into his closet and caught the carpet on fire. That’s a far cry from a safe alternative.

This man, Tom Holloway, had been working in his home office, when he decided to make use of his e-cigarette.  When he did this, the lithium battery in the e-cigarette exploded, setting off sparks which flew and subsequently set his closet on fire.  Afterwards, the casing of this lithium battery was found on a section of the melted carpet.

Meanwhile, the co-founder of the Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association, Thomas Kiklas, denied knowledge of any such problems with e-cigarettes. Instead, Kiklas noted the countless number e-cigarette uses which haven’t produced any serious industries.  What Mr. Kiklas may not know is that his speech is simply repeating history.  Many years ago, the tobacco industry similarly denied knowledge of any risks associated with their cigarettes.  Unfortunately, e-cigarettes seem to be headed in the same direction as their forefathers.

Tom Halloway experienced the risks of using an e-cigarette firsthand. Mr. Kiklas can deny knowledge of serious injuries with use of e-cigarettes, but there is already evidence that this product can have serious health consequences, from respiratory implications to serious burns.

If you are injured as a result of an e-cigarette, it is recommended that you seek experienced legal counsel.