I represent a lot of bikers who have been injured due to the negligence of other drivers. Unfortunately, most of these accidents result in significant injuries and huge medical bills. The health insurance companies who are responsible to pay for the medical care in these cases are, in recent years, writing policies which significantly limit their obligation to pay for treatment.  

In particular I have found that Union health insurance is becoming very limited in these cases. If you are a member of a Union you should immediately review your Medical Coverage for exclusions and limitations.

One client received a letter from his Union which stated the following:

“Please be mindful that if you are injured on a motorcycle or a motorized recreational vehicle, regardless of your Benefit Class, the Fund will cover charges related to that injury at the Class 1 level as outlined below. Class 1 benefits cover minimal expenses. Being injured on a motorcycle or motorized recreational vehicle could result in large out of pocket expenses. … (see Plan Exclusions).

Class 1 Medical Coverage – This coverage includes ONLY   the following:

  • In-Patient Hospital up to $8,300 per confinement
  • Physician Hospital Visits $15 per day of confinement up to $350 per confinement
  • Emergency Room Hospital – Accidental only (NO COVERAGE FOR EMERGENCY ROOM PHYSICIAN SERVICES)
  • Out Patient Surgery Facility up to $3500 max. per surgery
  • Surgery Physician charge up to $2000- NO COVERAGE FOR ASSISTANT SURGEON              
  • Anesthesia up to $800 per surgery.”

Our readers should note: These are VERY MINIMAL payments! If you ride you must know what coverage your health insurance provides. If you have exclusions or significant limitations of coverage for motorcycle or recreational vehicle injuries, consider purchasing additional medical coverage.