Riding on a windy day requires extra caution. Do not underestimate the power of the wind and how a strong gust can suddenly move your bike from one side of the lane to the other. If you are riding with another bike give yourself extra room to account for the unexpected movements of the cycles.

Pay attention to the changing scenery and terrain as your ride. Some areas may give more protection from the wind than others and you want to anticipate any areas that will pose a danger. For example, you may be riding between hills which protect you from the wind; if the area suddenly becomes farm land or open fields the winds can whip across the highway without warning. Keep an eye on the movements of the trees, street lamps, signs and signals that can warn you of a windy or gusty area.

Be sure you know which direction the wind is blowing and then lean slightly in that direction to help you maintain your position on the road. Obviously this can change as the road curves so maintain your concentration.

If you are riding on a highway be aware that other vehicles will also affect the winds and gusts as they or you pass or change lanes. Large trucks or tractor trailers will always create dangerous wind flows. Always be ready for a gust of wind when riding in traffic. Also, be aware that strong gusts can push cars and trucks across a lane into your space.

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) recommends that you ride on the side of the lane that the wind is coming from. This is so you’ll be ready to react in case a big blast of air tries to force you off the road.

Stay relaxed and calm. Being relaxed will help you respond to hazards quickly and safely. As always, ride within your own comfort zone.  Never put yourself in a position you are not comfortable with.