Joel Rosenberg and I spoke before the New Jersey State Policemen’s Benevolent Association Local 105 at the invitation of President Lance P. Lopez, Sr. on April 14, 2014.

We addressed proper automobile and motorcycle insurance coverages to ensure that all drivers and their families are properly protected in the event of an accident. Everyone must have liability insurance to protect them from suits against them. As important as that protection is the “uninsured and underinsured” coverage you carry. If a negligent driver strikes your car, truck or motorcycle your own UM/UIM coverage may be critical to receiving fair compensation for injuries and lost wages suffered by you and your family.

All too often the person who causes a crash does not carry sufficient liability insurance to cover the injuries and damages. Your own Underinsured (UIM) coverage can supplement the defendant’s insurance if your UIM limits are higher than his liability limits.

We are happy to review your insurance declaration pages and give your our thoughts on what insurance you have and what you might want to consider. It is also important to know that your auto insurance covers medical bills, but has a deductible and copay of 20% up to $5,000. Check your policy to be sure you have significant medical bill coverage. We typically recommend people have $250,000 in PIP or medical coverage on their personal automobiles.

Motorcycle insurance does not have the option of significant medical coverage. If you ride a motorcycle make sure you have health insurance and double check to see that it will cover your for injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident. Some health insurers specifically exclude coverage for motorcycle accidents.

Our firm handles all types of legal issues. Joel and I both concentrate in representing innocent victims of auto, truck, motorcycle, trip or slip and fall, and other types of accidents.