An accident in Magnolia, New Jersey involving a car and a motorcycle has left a man with serious injuries. The accident happened September 19, 2012 at around 10:00 a.m. at the intersection of Whitehorse Pike and Warwick Road. The motorcyclist was stopped at a red light facing westbound on Whitehorse Pike when a Ford Taurus moving at a high rate of speed plowed into the motorcycle from behind. The impact catapulted the motorcyclist into the air. The motorcyclist had a helmet on, but when he fell to the ground, he hit the pavement with such force that the helmet broke apart.

The cyclist was rushed to Cooper Medical Center with serious injuries.

Any time a motorcyclist stops at a light there is the danger that a driver coming up behind him will not notice the bike. I often think about which tire track is best to stop in: the left side of the lane which puts us directly in the line of sight of the driver coming up behind us; or the right side which gives us an “out” to the shoulder if we have time to accelerate out of the way. We see these accidents all the time and they usually result in traumatic brain injuries, fractures and sometimes wrongful death claims.

It is important to contact a lawyer as soon as possible after an accident. We want to photograph the scene, interview witnesses, photograph the bike and offending vehicle. We also provide coordination of the health insurance coverage with medical providers to ensure the injured biker receives the best care possible.

If you have been the victim of a motorcycle or bike accident, or know someone who needs help, contact us for information. We are available at any time and all discussions are free of charge.

Christopher M. Pyne is a Shareholder and member of Stark & Stark’s Lawrenceville, New Jersey office, concentrating in Accident & Personal Injury Law.  For more information, please contact Mr. Pyne.