I represent many motorcyclists who have been in crashes. Some more serious than others. I’ve been fortunate that, while I’ve had close calls (close enough that my wife won’t get on again), I have not crashed. So I don’t personally know how I’d feel but I’m sure there must be some fear in everyone before they go out for those first few post-accident rides. I found an article on this topic that seems to me to make sense and provide sound advice at RideApart.com.

The author takes us through a number of steps of analysis to help us logically deal with this emotional issue.

  1. Check your helmet and gear. Helmets are designed to absorb the impact. If your helmet hit the ground you should replace it. Likewise, if your helmet falls off a table and strikes the floor, you should replace it. You may not see internal damage, but I recommend you assume that it absorbed the impact and should be replaced. Your other protective gear should also be checked.
  2. Check your bike thoroughly. I recommend you have a reputable service technician evaluate your motorcycle completely. You might not notice a subtle but important problem such as a bent fork or frame.
  3. Assume that you will be nervous for your first ride after a crash. Everyone would be. It is recommended that you plan a short, simple ride when there is little traffic and basic conditions. Many of my clients have great difficulty driving past the scene of their accidents so I recommend you stay clear of that area until you are sure you are emotionally ready. It may be best to take this ride alone but if you ride with a friend be sure your friend knows you are a bit nervous and ask him to follow you or drive more slowly and carefully so you don’t feel pressure to keep up.  Try to enjoy the ride, relax and get back into your comfort zone.
  4. Practice at your own pace and in areas you feel comfortable. Depending on the severity of the crash it may take some time for you to feel comfortable riding again.


Perhaps if you follow this advice your return to the road will be a bit easier and more enjoyable. If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident, contact Stark & Stark today.