Harley-Davidson is recalling thousands of motorcycles because a faulty ignition switch can cause bikes to stall and crash. Harley has determined that modifications that allow engines to rev above 5,600 RPMs can cause engine vibration that can turn the ignition switch from “on” to “accessory.” When that happens the engine can shut off while being driven and potentially cause a crash. Bikes that have experienced this vibration have so far been identified to have some after market modifications that allow the engine to rev higher than Harley typically tests in the factory.

The recall affects more than 3,360 FXDL Dyna Low Rider motorcycles. Harley Davidson has said no crashes have occurred but they are obviously concerned that accidents may happen and are sensitive to the ignition problems General Motors and Chrysler have experienced.

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) said this is the second recall Harley-Davidson has had to make this year. In July the manufacturer recalled more than 66,400 Touring and CVO Touring motorcycles from the 2014 model year to repair problems that could cause the front wheels to lock up and crash. To see a list of these, click here. If you have been injured on a motorcycle contact Stark & Stark Riders Lawyers today.