As a member of the Motorcycle Safety Coalition I urge you to visit and take the pledge to be a safe motorcycle rider. This program was conceived to raise awareness and encourage motorcyclists to ride safely. We encourage all riders to pledge to follow these simple rules: 

Get properly trained

Wear protective gear  

Ride Unimpaired

Know you own limits and ride within your skill limits

Be a Lifelong Learner

May is motorcycle awareness month. It is a reminder to all of us to not only pay attention to ourselves, but the other motorist that surround us each day we drive.When you take the Pledge you are automatically entered in the contest to win $250 toward the purchase of a DOT-approved helmet, or protective gear, or to be applied toward the cost of a New Jersey certified motorcycle course. Each month for the duration of the program,  there will be a winner.

The obvious goal is to increase training and safety of all motorcyclists by raising their awareness of the necessity of wearing a proper helmet, safe gear and the benefits of driver training courses. There is a sister program, Pledge to Share the Road, for drivers of all other types of vehicles.

We, at Stark & Stark represent far too many victims of motorcycle accidents. We encourage all riders to take the Pledge to be a safe motorcycle rider by signing up at