Just bought a new car?  Congratulations!  

Just keep one thing in mind: make absolutely certain that you put auto insurance on the car BEFORE you drive the car off of the dealer’s lot. Many people forget to do this and simply call their insurance agent after they get home with the car. This is a mistake that has far-reaching consequences.

Once you have purchased the car, it is yours, even if you have not yet driven it off the dealer’s lot. Make sure that you place a policy of automobile insurance on the car as soon as you have purchased it. New Jersey law mandates that every owner or registered owner of an automobile in New Jersey is obliged to maintain insurance on that automobile. If you’re injured in an accident while you’re driving a car that you own and it is not insured, you are barred from bringing a claim against the responsible driver for your injuries. So even if you’re minding your own business and driving safely and someone else is not paying attention, you are barred from bringing a claim against the responsible driver if you’re driving your own car and it’s uninsured.   

On the other hand, if you cause an accident while driving an uninsured car, you will not have coverage if the person you injured wants to sue you. Your assets, your home, and your wages are all at risk if you injure someone while driving an uninsured car.
Remember, if you just bought a car, you have to cover it with automobile insurance as soon as possible. Do not drive it home first. Put auto insurance on the car before you even step foot into it. Protect yourself and your livelihood, and make sure your automobile is covered by a policy of insurance that meets or exceeds the requirements of the state’s law.

If you have questions about the types of coverage available to you, please call me. I am happy to discuss with you the insurance policy that will best meet your needs. I do this all of the time, and I am always happy to do so free of charge. I am not an insurance agent, and I have no financial interest in the insurance you select. I simply want to make sure your needs are met as quickly and easily as possible.

Stephen Di Stefano is an attorney in Stark & Stark’s Marlton, New Jersey office, specializing in Accident & Personal Injury Law. For more information, please contact Mr. Di Stefano.