The holidays are a great time to visit with friends and family. While this is a great time to get enjoy get-togethers and parties, there are dangers some of us may not be aware of. This weekend, Thanksgiving, is the busiest travel weekend of the year. Between people getting to and from their gatherings tomorrow, to black Friday shoppers heading out at all hours of the day and night, the roadways will be more congested than ever!

In order to avoid accidents this holiday season, use common sense and avoid accidents at all cost. Be sure to buckle up if you’re traveling and obey the speed limits.

Additionally, the New Jersey State Police have put together some safety tips for travelers this holiday season:

  • Prepare for your trip – map your route; fill your tank; check your tire pressure, lights and wiper blades
  • Insist that all riders wear their seatbelts
  • Don’t drive drowsy- the symptoms of drivin when you are tired are similar to those of driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Make sure you get enough rest!
  • Steer clear of “road ragers.” Challenging an aggressive driver for a position is a dangerous way to get to your destination a few seconds sooner
  • Use a designated driver – if alcohol figures into your Thanksgiving plans, plan to have one driver stay sober