Highly publicized and fatal accidents caused by snow and ice flying off of moving vehicles have prompted some states to pass laws in recent years fining drivers of cars or trucks who do not clear snow and ice from their vehicles.
It is now the law in New Jersey for all drivers to clean snow off their cars completely. This is the law not only to prevent snow and ice on a vehicle from obstructing the driver of that vehicles view, but also to prevent hazards posed to others on the roadway caused by snow and ice flying off of the moving vehicle.    

New Jersey began imposing $25-$75 fines in 2009 that are upped to $200-$1,500 if the snow or ice causes damage or injury. Connecticut passed a similar law that will go into effect in 2013, and Massachusetts imposes fines for weather-related offenses on the Massachusetts Turnpike. Pennsylvania fines drivers if snow or ice from their vehicles causes serious injury or death.

In New Jersey, before moving a vehicle all snow and ice must be removed from the entire vehicle. New Jersey law states that a motorist is responsible for any ice that flies from his/her vehicle and causes death, injury or property damage. (N.J.S.A. 39:4-77.1.)