New drivers need to know one of the more dangerous maneuvers in driving is the left turn. The jury charge on this type of accident says, “With respect to a left-hand turn, involving as it does a movement across the path of other traffic, the risk of harm is ordinarily increased beyond that which exists when a motor vehicle is proceeding along a direct course.” The increased danger requires an increased amount of care.

Most experienced lawyers who handle auto accident cases will routinely assess 90% responsibility for the happening of the accident on the operator making the left turn.

If a left turn is attempted from a driveway and involves crossing a lane of traffic and entering another it can be a very, very difficult maneuver, particularly on busy commercial stretches of road.  I have told my children who are now drivers to not take any chances. Sometimes it is easier to make a right turn and stop for a left turn into a driveway, than a right turn out of the driveway to accomplish access to the lane of travel with less risk. This allows the driver to handle one lane of traffic for observations at a time instead of two, one from each direction.