The AP reported in December 2011 that a teen driver in Missouri caused a terrible chain reaction pile up which claimed the lives of 2 young people and injured 38 others. How did it happen?  He was distracted by the fact that he sent and/or received 11 text messages within minutes of the crash.

Unfortunately, this type of event is not an isolated occurrence, but rather is simply one of the latest examples of the consequences of this form of distracted driving. This  problem of texting while driving is a veritable epidemic in this country and has led the NTSB to reportedly recommend that all states ban the use of cell phones and portable electronic devices by drivers, except in cases of emergency.

The lesson here is a simple one: when you get behind the wheel of your car, remember that driving that vehicle requires focused attention. Using your phone while driving is a bad idea.  Even a “quick look” at your phone while driving is a bad idea. Every day, this simple act causes accidents, injuries and deaths which should never have occurred.