A doctor in Middlesex County has just had his licensed temporarily suspended for allegedly reusing disposable one-use anal catheters on dozens of patients. Dr. Sanjiv K. Patankar, a colon and rectal surgeon, is alleged to have washed and reused the catheters which are inserted in patients during medical procedures.

During the hearing, the state presented documented evidence that although the doctor performed over 80 procedures, which would each require new catheters, between January and November of 2017, only 5 catheters were order in that period of time.

Anal catheters are typically used to evaluate patients suffering from constipation or other possible disorders, and are disposable and one use so there’s no risk of transmitting bacteria from improper cleaning.

After reviewing the evidence, the New Jersey Board of Medical Examiners unanimously found that Patankar’s reuse of the catheters demonstrated a lack of judgment and put patients in “clear and imminent danger.” Patankar’s license will remain temporarily suspended until a full hearing is held in the New Jersey Office of Administrative Law, and the Office of Medical Examiners takes final action after reviewing further findings.

If you or a loved one believes you were treated by a licensed healthcare professional in a dangerous or improper way, it is strongly encouraged that you seek a medical malpractice attorney immediately.