Personal injury attorneys are frequently asked the question: Why should we hire an attorney to represent us? The person who asks this question believes that the insurance company will treat them fairly, and there should be no need to bring an attorney into the picture. This is completely false, as insurance company statistics have demonstrated.

Allstate Insurance Company’s own internal adjuster training documents have revealed that claimants who hire an attorney receive, on average, three times the amount of money paid to unrepresented claimants. If you believe that being paid a third of what you’re entitled is fair, than you shouldn’t hire an attorney. But how do you know that you’re being offered a fair and full recovery? Assuring a fair financial recovery is only one of a number of reasons why you need an attorney. Other reasons include, but are not limited to: preservation of evidence, expertise in insurance and liability laws, and familiarity with the courts and the claims process. But one point is beyond argument, according to the insurance industry itself, you will receive more money if you hire an attorney. That’s a pretty compelling reason, all by itself.