Now that school is back in session and children and parents alike have become accustomed to the daily routine of school, it’s no time to let down your guard for school bus safety.   Over 50% of the injuries that occur while getting on and off the school bus are to children 5 to 7 years old. According to the School Transportation News, about 16 children are fatally injured as pedestrians in the loading and unloading zone around school buses annually.  Although that is an improvement from the 75 fatalities in 1975, the only acceptable number is zero

In order to accomplish this goal it is incumbent upon school districts and school bus transportation providers to have an overall comprehensive approach to pupil transportation safety.  School administrators, transportation supervisors, teachers and bus drivers must be properly informed and trained to practice all bus safety procedures.  Students must be trained in all aspects of bus transportation safety. It’s so important that New Jersey law requires that District Boards of Education provide public school students with safety education programs.

Fortunately there are many great sources of information on student transportation that are easily accessible on the internet to all of us.  Some, to name a few are:

  1. The National Highway Safety Administration
  2. The National Safety Council
  3. The National Association For Pupil Transportation

As National School Bus Safety Week has come to an end, we need to make sure our children are safe throughout the year.  Learn and make sure that your district is following all the bus safety rules.