Purchasing mobility equipment requires some research. I represent a client who has been wheelchair bound for many years. He is extremely independent and, as such, was looking to purchase a new motor vehicle. Obviously, he needed the vehicle to accommodate his wheelchair. He made a purchase based on the recommendation of a salesperson at a local mobility equipment dealer. The purchase included the mechanism necessary to lock in his wheelchair to the inside of the vehicle. When he received the wheelchair back from the dealer, the locking mechanism was installed.  

Later that day, he went into one of the rooms in his home. Unfortunately,  the locking mechanism on the bottom of the wheelchair got stuck on a floor vent and catapulted him out of the wheelchair.  He sustained serious injuries. He later learned that there must be at least a 3 inch clearance between the locking mechanism and the floor. The mobility equipment dealer took no measurements of the chair and the flooring details in my client’s home.

Hindsight tells us that you cannot always rely on salespeople for recommendations when purchasing mobility equipment. To ensure your safety, research all of the options available from multiple dealers. Also, insist on measurements of your particular chair and a full inspection of your home to make sure the equipment is safe at home, out in public and in your vehicle.