It’s getting cold outside. The winter is upon us and we all like to stay warm inside and for a lot of people that means using electric space heaters. They do the job but also carry with them the risk of fire if not used properly and if left unattended. Space heaters are responsible for untold numbers of house and apartment fires each year. Aside from potential loss of life these fires can also cause tremendous loss of property and personal items. If you must use a space heater there is one very important thing you also must consider: homeowners or renters insurance for your house or apartment.

Most people know that when you by a car it is a legal requirement to purchase car insurance. But because homeowners or renters insurance is not legally required many people overlook this important personal protection. Many homeowners have insurance because their mortgage company requires it but many renters fail to consider this because they do not own the property. Even if you do not own the property this insurance is imperative. Not only does it protect your personal possessions in the event of a fire or some other loss, but it also provides you with personal liability coverage if you should somehow cause injury or damage to a person or thing outside of your home or apartment. For a relatively small investment each year the peace of mind and protection that this insurance brings is invaluable.

So remember, be careful in your home and always use proper precaution with space heaters and other dangerous household items. But in addition protect yourself from unexpected losses with the purchase of insurance that many people overlook.