It’s not uncommon for us to meet with client’s who were involved in an accident many months before.  They are frequently frustrated about the difficulty they are having with their auto insurance carrier, their health insurance carrier or their access to healthcare from insurance companies. In many instances, they have been given wrong information about their coverage or rights. Many have suffered without treatment because they have been told they have no right to make a claim or the insurance company’s doctor examined them and found them to have improved and not in need of any future care.
Immediately: That’s the answer to the question posed in the headline. The correct information from the outset is invaluable. Better yet, there is no upfront cost to have us review your claim. If we handle the case and recover money, we take our fee from the recovery. If you don’t have a case worth pursuing or we don’t have a recovery, you pay nothing. The correct advice is free! Don’t wait. If you or someone you know has been injured in an accident, call us immediately for a free consultation.