It happens every year. Someone is careless with fireworks and ends up seriously injured. Someone falls and breaks an arm or leg at the company picnic. Worst of all, someone is careless at the pool and a child is injured or drowns. This year make sure you and your family stay safe with these tips on how to avoid injuries on the 4th of July weekend.

Firework injuries are common on Independence Day. Did you know that the most serious injuries are caused by the small fireworks? According to a VFIS insurance infographic, the small firecrackers cause 32% of the injuries including lacerations, eye injuries and severe hand damage. To avoid the most serious injuries:

  • Keep a bucket of water handy to douse out of control fireworks;
  • Never pick up a “dud” or try to re-light one in case it’s still burning inside; and,
  • Hold the firework away from your face when lighting and back up right away after it’s lit.

Avoiding falls and risky activities is another way to stay safe on Fourth of July. Some things are obvious—you don’t want to jump off a high cliff into a lake when you don’t know what’s under the water. Severe head injuries and paralysis could be the result. The most common injuries like broken arms and legs can be avoided. When at the family or company picnic, avoid these behaviors:

  • Don’t run across uneven ground, e.g., across roots and rocks in the woods;
  • Don’t carry too many lawn chairs and bags down to the sand—get someone to help; and,
  • If you overindulge on the liquor, choose to avoid physical activities. Alcohol slows your reactions to dangers resulting in injuries.

Swimming injuries usually occur when someone is inattentive. Don’t let your kids dive into pools—they are sometimes too shallow and could result in a head injury. Watch your kids—especially if the pool doesn’t have a gate. Take a look at the the American Red Cross’s water safety tips.

Take a few minutes to read these safety tips to keep yourself and your family safe and secure over the holidays.