I am a co-chairperson of the New Jersey Association for Justice’s Minority Concerns Committee.  NJAJ is a 2,000 attorney strong organization dedicated to serving New Jersey’s families by working to preserve and strengthen the laws that protect them.  As a chairperson of the Minority Concerns Committee, I implemented the Outreach Program which is designed to increase NJAJ’s diversity membership and leadership.

As a co-chairperson of the Outreach Program, I recently held a summit meeting and invited delegates from all of New Jersey’s minority/specialty bar associations.  The meeting covered issues such as determining the minority/specialty bar associations’ membership needs, discussion of joint educational programs and finding minority/female talent to serve as NJAJ leaders and educational speakers. As a result of these efforts, NJAJ now offers a discount to members of these minority/specialty bar associations for certain educational seminars.  Further, NJAJ is about to launch a “listserve” (an on-line real-time instant message platform) made up of delegates from NJAJ and these minority/specialty bar associations.  In this way, open lines of communication are maintained and greater cooperation can be achieved between the organizations.  

I strive to increase NJAJ’s diversity membership and leadership through the Outreach Program so that New Jersey’s attorneys can provide better representation and protection to New Jersey’s diverse families.