As a bicycle accident lawyer, I am always trying to alert cyclists of hazards they should be alert to. I also recommend ways to manage these hazards and enhance safety while riding.  In the course of doing so, I came across a web page from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration offering tips & suggestions for parents to pass along to their children to encourage and facilitate safe cycling.  I’ve posed the link below, but the content can be summarized as follows:

  1. Wear a Properly Fitted Bicycle Helmet – A helmet which is poorly fitted or too loose will not afford your child with proper protection in an accident;
  2. Adjust Your Bicycle to Fit – Emergency situations can call for quick reactions from a cyclist.  A poorly fitted bike can inhibit proper maneuvering and cause the rider to lose the opportunity to avoid a crash;
  3. Check Your Equipment before riding – Be sure the bike is properly maintained and in good working order;
  4. See and Be Seen – wear bright/reflective clothing to enhance visibility;
  5. Control Your Bicycle – avoid carrying objects or riding without holding on
  6. Watch for and Avoid Road Hazards – safe riding requires one to keep their eyes open for hazards.  Riders traveling in a group should announce hazards (such as potholes, rocks, etc.) for the benefit of others;
  7. Avoid Riding at Night
  8. Go With the Traffic Flow
  9. Obey All Traffic Laws
  10. Yield to Traffic When Appropriate
  11. Be Predictable – safety is enhanced when you ride in a straight line not if and when you signal your moves to others.
  12. Stay Alert at All Times – This means you must use your eyes AND ears while riding.
  13. Look Before Turning
  14. Watch for Parked Cars

For many other great tips courtesy of the NHTSA, please click here.