A Burlington County jury recently returned a verdict in favor of Stark & Stark Shareholder Bruce Stern’s client. The verdict found that the Florence Township Board of Education and its school bus driver were partially responsible for an incident that occurred in 2009 in Florence Township, New Jersey. Stern’s client was stopped on a street corner while on his bicycle when the bus driver drove the right rear tire of her school bus over his left foot when making a turn.

While the Florence Township Police investigating police officers determined that Mr. Singh had lost control of his bicycle on the sidewalk and rolled into the street at the time of the accident, Mr. Stern retained an accident reconstruction expert as well as an orthopedic surgeon who, based on science and medicine, were able to determine that his client was at a complete stop, straddling his bike with his left foot in the crosswalk. With this new evidence, Mr. Stern argued that the defendant school bus driver was negligent in failing to make observations as she turned her vehicle.

The jury agreed that the plaintiff and the defendant school bus driver were both equally at fault, and the plaintiff was entitled to recover half of his damages.

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