Braking systems for road bikes have traditionally utilized lever actuated brakes which squeeze the brake pads against the rims to provide friction to stop the bicycle.  Disc brakes – a relatively long-term staple in mountain bikes – have recently been introduced to the road, with great expectations due to their resistance to brake fade on long descents.  However, two of the principal manufacturers, SRAM and Shimano, have recently announced recalls for their road bike disc brakes.  Estimates of the number of brakes affected by Shimano’s recall have varied, but it reportedly covers somewhere between 6,000 – 19,000 pairs of their disc brakes manufactured for road and cyclocross bikes.  The recall was announced due to the potential for failures causing loss of braking ability.  These systems were supplied as OEM on certain bikes from various major manufacturers, including Giant, Raleigh, Specialized and BMC.  In November, 2013 SRAM announced a similar recall, involving several thousand pairs of disc brakes.  In a follow up press release in December, 2013, SRAM advised that all owners of road and cyclocross bicycles equipped with the company’s disc braking systems should cease using the brakes immediately due to the risk of failure.

The recall address issued by SRAM’s President, and information on the website to register your product, can be accessed here.

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You can view Shimano’s recall statement here.

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