The New York Times posted an excellent blog recently outlining several devices designed to enhance the safety of cyclists.  Amongst them are a bike horn which is as loud as the horn on an automobile to help remove the dangers oblivious drivers present to cyclists, and a device which uses red laser lights to “paint”

Most folks these days can appreciate the hazards of distracted driving and of the more obvious causes of it – such as texting or surfing the web while driving.  But how many of you would have thought that EATING while driving constitutes a distraction?  Well, it can.  That lesson was learned by a 54 year

As a life-long cyclist and a bicycle attorney, I am constantly amazed by the number of people I still see riding around without helmets.  The most common offenders in my personal experience are kids and casual cyclists.  Setting aside for a moment the fact that New Jersey (and most other states) REQUIRE helmet usage by

Recent news reports indicated that the City of Duluth agreed to settle a lawsuit filed by an injured cyclist for $125,000.  The suit was filed by Cassandra Olson, a student, who was thrown from her bike when she struck a recessed manhole cover while riding along a newly resurfaced street.  These kinds of road hazard