On October 16, 2014, the NJ Bike-Walk Coalition (NJBWC), in partnership with Montclair Twp., launched the Garden State’s first “Bike Depot”; a cooperative effort which will provide “safe, secure (card-key access) storage of bicycles for NJ Transit commuters, under various membership levels.”   Information on purchasing a bike depot membership can be accessed here.

The Montclair Depot is located at the Bay Street NJ Transit station, and will serve as an exemplar to NJ Transit for what will hopefully culminate in various depots across New Jersey.  The coalition reportedly chose Montclair as to serve as the model town for the Depot due to the fact that there are six NJ Transit train stations in its vicinity.  A copy of the press release can be accessed here. The Depot is a great step forward in enhancing the feasibility of bicycle commuting in our state, and NJMWC and Montclair should each be applauded for their efforts. The NJBWC has invited folks who are interested in creating a similar Depot in their towns to contact the NJBWC via e-mail sent to:  info@njbwc.org