A Chicago-based startup has announced a new product, called “The BikeSpike,” purports to have features designed to keep both you and your bike safe.  The devise reportedly includes a GPS tracker capable of monitoring the location of your bike a map and alerting you if the bike is moved or is being tampered with, similar to the “Lo-Jack” system utilized for cars.  The device is also reported to have a collision detection system which will alert contacts in your phone as well as law enforcement and rescue crews if an accident occurs, not unlike the “On-Star” system found in certain automobiles.

BikeSpike can also be used by parents, by allowing them to better monitor and police their children’s activities.  Parents are able to set a “safety zone” on the map system, after which the GPS unit will send an alert if the bike exits that pre-defined area.

As of April, 2013, the project was reported to be fully funded through the startup’s KickStarter Page, so you may be seeing these at your local bike shop in the near future.