Neck and shoulder stiffness and pain are a common complaint among cyclists. Many people incorrectly assume that this pain is the result of injury or is otherwise an inevitable result of the body position one takes while riding a traditional road bike.

Neither is necessarily true. Are you experiencing this type of pain? There are several possible answers, but none of them should be immediately brushed off. Your pain may be the result of your body’s fit in the seat of your bike, your overall core fitness and/or the position you assume—likely subconsciously—while riding. Luckily, all of these problems can be easily remedied.


  • For Bike Fit: A short visit to your local bike shop can be the answer. However, subtle adjustments can be hard to accomplish. If you have access to a GURU Dynamic Fit System, I highly recommend it. As the cyclist uses the software, the GURU program automatically adjusts the cyclist’s fit down to the millimeter. Here in the Mercer County area, you can find this incredible service offered through Hart’s Cyclery. Here is a link to the details of his custom fitting service.
  • For Core Fitness & Riding Position: Body2Bike wrote an excellent article that outlines common issues and provides fitness and positional techniques you can employ to resolve them. The article also includes photos as examples of the proper neck and shoulder posture a cyclist should have to avoid further pain. Check out the article here.

Remember, your relative fitness and muscular fatigue can contribute to your overall safety while cycling. Pay attention to them and stay safe!

For any questions bicycle-related injuries, do not hesitate to contact experienced legal counsel.