Craig Camlin, the 53 year old Florida bicyclist who was struck by a motorist and left for dead behind a trash bin in December, 2013 is reportedly showing signs of improvement.  His doctors were able to remove him from his ventilator recently, however, he remains hospitalized and is expected remain quadriplegic for the rest of his life.

The details of the crash which placed Camlin in this situation are truly horrific.  News reports indicate that the accident occurred at approximately 6:30 a.m. when the driver of a 2003 Ford Mustang struck Camlin from behind, sending him flying into the air.  He landed on the rear of the car, near the trunk.  Amazingly, the motorist reportedly continued his two-mile drive home, parked his car, and only then picked up Camlin.  Did he help?  No. What did he do?  He picked Camlin up and threw him behind a trash bin!  Fortunately, Camlin was later found by a landscaping crew, who summoned the authorities.  Axel Esteban Inostroza, a 27 year old man from Pompano Beach was later arrested by the Ft. Lauderdale police.  He reportedly gave a full confession and admitted to drinking before the crash.

The cyclist was uninsured and his family has set up a fund-raising page at   in an effort to offset medical expenses.  More information on this tragic story can be obtained here.