Most folks these days can appreciate the hazards of distracted driving and of the more obvious causes of it – such as texting or surfing the web while driving.  But how many of you would have thought that EATING while driving constitutes a distraction?  Well, it can.  That lesson was learned by a 54 year old motorist in Pascagoula, Mississippi (and the unfortunate cyclist he struck!).

News reports indicate that the man was driving on US Route 90 and drifted out of his lane and onto the shoulder when he looked down at the sandwich he was eating, and struck the rear of a cyclist who was riding along the right shoulder of the roadway.  Fortunately, the cyclist reportedly suffered only minor injuries.  But, as you can easily imagine, the results could have been much worse.  Even deadly.

Remember, it takes only a matter of seconds for a distraction to turn to disaster.  Please give the road your FULL attention when driving!