Have you been hurt while riding your bike? Most bicycle accidents involving cars are not the bike riders’ fault. Nonetheless, it is the cyclists that is usually seriously hurt. At Stark & Stark, P.C., we often represent victims that were just out for a nice bike ride when the driver of an automobile was not paying attention or properly sharing the road.

Unfortunately, one of the main injuries the cyclists suffer is to their head. Head injuries also account for 60% of cycling fatalities. If you wear a properly fitted helmet, this can significantly reduce the risk of head injuries.

Children are at the most risk for death or serious injury from a bike accident or bike crash. Always make sure that your child is supervised when they ride their bikes. Also, it is the law in Pennsylvania that children must wear protective helmets.

Safety Tips for All Bicycle Riders:

  • Always wear your helmet. This may save your life.
  • Make sure your bike is working properly before you ride it. Check the tires pressure. Check the chain and brakes.
  • Always ride in the same direction as the cars. This will make it easier for motorists to see you. It will also provide motorists with more time to adjust to you being on the road.
  • Stay on the right hand side of the road.
  • Do not ride your bike when it is raining, snowing or icy.
  • Do not ride on the sidewalks. Sidewalks are for pedestrians.
  • Be sure to know all of the traffic laws and safety hand signals. To make a left turn, extend your left arm straight out to your side. For a right turn, bend your elbow and hold your arm up in an “L” shape, or extend your arm straight out to your side. To make a sudden stop, hold your arm in an upside-down “L” shape.
  • Wear clothing that is easy to see, especially at night.
  • Your bike should have a white headlight and a red taillight, as well as front and rear reflectors.