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J. Robert Bratman is an expert Civil Trial Attorney as certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey. Mr. Bratman is also Chair of the firm’s Accident & Personal Injury practice., where he represents individuals that have been catastrophically injured or killed due to the negligence of others.

Tractor-trailer bus collisions are among the worst that occur on busy American highways.  Because of the relative size of the two vehicles in such a collision, the injuries are catastrophic, often with deadly consequences.

It is essential for anyone injured in such a devastating collision to seek competent legal counsel immediately to protect his or

Damaged gas lines are often the cause of explosions that harm life and property. Accidents involving dig-ins to underground facilities occur every year. To protect the citizenry, New Jersey’s legislature has enacted laws that require all operators of underground facilities to participate in a One-Call Damage Prevention System and to require all excavators to notify the One-Call Damage Prevention System prior to excavation or demolition (see New Jersey Statute 48:2-74).
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Even after tens of thousands of slip and fall injuries nationwide, some commercial property owners insist on using concrete parking bumpers (or wheel stops) in their parking lots. While these devices are intended to block the forward motion of vehicles in parking spaces and prevent accidents, they are a serious danger to pedestrians and serve as the source of countless serious orthopedic and neurologic injuries.
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Tractor Trailers are among the most dangerous vehicles on the road today. They may weigh up to 80,000 pounds fully loaded and often times they are operated by people who do not have the knowledge nor the experience to drive such large and dangerous vehicles.
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If you are like many people you dread receiving a notice for jury duty. In our stressful, “too little time to do to many things” world, the last thing people have time for is to sit on a jury and decide a case that does not affect their lives. However, next time you receive a jury notice remember that as an American citizen you are given so much and asked so little of in terms of public service.
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If you are like many other people you enjoy the occasional bicycle ride. Bicycles are not only a great form of exercise but as many people are learning they are a clean, healthy and low cost way of commuting to and from work. If you operate a bicycle on a roadway you are granted all of the rights and subject to all of the duties applicable to the driver of a motor vehicle.
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