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Joel R. Rosenberg is an expert Civil Trial Attorney as certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey. Mr. Rosenberg is also a member of the Motorcycle Accidents and Accident & Personal Injury practices at the firm’s Marlton office.

Another brutal winter has resulted in minefields of potholes on our roadways. As the weather warms and we unplug our battery tenders to take to the highways, there are serious dangers lurking for the unwary. Riders always ride with a level of concentration greater than those operating cars – and we must. One of the

Now that school is back in session and children and parents alike have become accustomed to the daily routine of school, it’s no time to let down your guard for school bus safety.   Over 50% of the injuries that occur while getting on and off the school bus are to children 5 to 7 years

As most riders know, wearing a helmet is mandatory in New Jersey. Not so in Pennsylvania where anyone 21 years of age or older and has been licensed to operate a motorcycle for not less than two full calendar years OR has completed a motorcycle safety course approved by PennDOT or the Motorcycle Safety Foundation can ride without one.
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Each day in the United States, approximately 26 million elementary and secondary school children ride buses to school. On average, there are between 8,000 and 12,000 school bus related injuries annually. Although the vast majority of these accidents are minor, each year students suffer serious injury and even death in the course of being transported to school.
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It’s not uncommon for us to meet with client’s who were involved in an accident many months before. They are frequently frustrated about the difficulty they are having with their auto insurance carrier, their health insurance carrier or their access to healthcare from insurance companies. In many instances, they have been given wrong information about their coverage or rights. Many have suffered without treatment because they have been told they have no right to make a claim or the insurance company’s doctor examined them and found them to have improved and not in need of any future care.
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This time of year the personal injury attorneys at Stark & Stark see a lot of clients who slip and fall in parking lots on ice. Commonly referred as “black ice,” it’s difficult to see during the day because it either blends in with the blacktop or appears to be just water. At night it’s impossible to see and is very treacherous.
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