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Evan J. Lide is a Shareholder and member of Stark & Stark’s Personal Injury Group. Evan has dedicated his career to seeking justice on behalf of those who have been wronged. He focuses his practice on representing people who have suffered traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and other catastrophic injury, including death, resulting from automobile crashes, products liability, and premises liability.

In the year since Hurricane Sandy struck New Jersey, numerous lawsuits have been filed by consumers against insurance companies alleging “bad faith”. Currently, the law recognizes an action for damages in excess of an insurance policy when the insurer’s failure to pay results from a denial or a withholding of benefits which is not even debatably valid and the insurer knowingly and recklessly denied the claim without a reasonable basis. (See Pickett v. Lloyd’s, 131 N.J. 457 (1993)). Unfortunately, the burden of proof to establish this cause of action can be very high.
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Consumers are always trained to look for the best deal. However, when it comes to automobile insurance, sometimes saving a few dollars upfront may mean getting saddled with thousands of dollars in the future if you are involved in an automobile accident– even if the accident is the result of someone else’s negligence.
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