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Statute Of Limitations in a New Jersey Workers’ Compensation “Occupational Disease” Claim

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Generally, petitions filed by injured workers for occupational disease claims are barred if they are not filed within two years of the date the injured worker discovered the nature of the disability and it relationship to employment. This is addressed in the workers’ compensation law under N.J.S.A. 34:15-34. Unlike an accident, which has a specific… Continue Reading

Is an Assault at Work Compensable Under the New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Statute?

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Generally speaking, a person who is assaulted at work to receive workers’ compensation benefits must show that the assault is related to the employment relationship and not from a purely personal relationship. If the assault arises out of a clearly personal dispute, the injured employee may be barred from obtaining workers’ compensation benefits. The injured… Continue Reading

Workers’ Compensation: 5 Most Common Injuries

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According to the Insurance Journal, the five most common Workers’ Compensation claim injuries include: Strains and sprains (30%) Cuts or punctures (19%) Contusions (12%) Inflammation (5%) Fractures (5%)” The Department of Labor also lists strains and sprains as the top workplace injury. Many of these injuries take place while working in traditional blue collar jobs…. Continue Reading

Think You Are Entitled to a Second Opinion Under NJ Workers’ Comp? Think Again

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When an injury occurs on the job, you are usually covered under the workers’ compensation insurance policy paid for by your employer. You are also typically required to visit a physician selected by the insurance company to assess your condition and get treatment. But what if you don’t agree with the doctor’s assessment or treatment… Continue Reading