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Link Shown Between Traumatic Brain Injury in Childhood and Behavioral Issues

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A new study published in the September, 2014 edition of the journal “PLOS ONE”, offers further support for the existence of a connection between suffering a brain injury at a young age and a variety of serious problems, including behavioral problems.  While studies have long noted a variety of long term consequences, including variations in… Continue Reading

$13.2 Million Verdict for Nursing Home Negligence Case in Hudson County, New Jersey

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An 87 year old woman, who lived independently, fell at home and suffered a dislocated shoulder. After three days in the hospital, she was sent to a nursing home for short term rehabilitation of that shoulder and was then supposed to go home. Instead, over the course of a 94 day admission, the client lost over 20 of her 110 pounds, developed large stage IV wounds – and then suffered through 9 debridements, two bone shavings, the application of a wound vac and a diversionary colostomy – that eviscerated and lead to the need for her bowels to be manually re-inserted back into her abdomen. All of this was too much for her – and she suffered a very painful death.

Attorneys David M. Schmid & Evan J. Lide Guest Speakers on WDVR FM’s Stepping Stones

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In a previous blog post, attorneys David M. Schmid and Evan J. Lide, members of the firm’s Personal Injury Group, co-authored an article titled “Don’t Text and Drive” published in U.S. 1. On Tuesday, August 13th, Mr. Schmid and Mr. Lide will be guests on WDVR FM 89.7 and 91.9′s Stepping Stones program hosted by Hilary Murray to discuss the article. The program begins at 5:00 PM EST.

New Jersey Smart Drivers Pledge2Win

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In recognition of Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month during the month of May, the Brain Injury Alliance of New Jersey will launch the Share the Road Pledge Campaign. This campaign is to encourage drivers to do their part in saving the lives of motorcyclists and help make our roads safer for everyone.