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Top Ten Causes of Workplace Injury

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A recent article in Insurance Journal lists the top 10 causes of workplace injuries based on 2012 Liberty Mutual claims data for injuries lasting six or more days. The ranking is based on total workers’ compensation costs but it is interesting to note the leading causes of injuries in this study. If I were to… Continue Reading

Do Construction Workers Have a Meaningful Choice- New Jersey Supreme Court Hears Argument

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Construction workers on a job site have no meaningful choice when told by their employers to perform an assigned task.  When a construction worker is injured, while performing his assigned task, should the defense of comparative negligence be a defense in a lawsuit filed by the injured employee against the general contractor?  That is the… Continue Reading

What Do Personal Injury Attorneys Do?

Posted in Birth Injuries, Construction Accidents, Injury Law, Medical Malpractice, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Motorcycle Injury, Product Liability, Trucking Accidents, Workers' Compensation, Wrongful Death

Personal injury attorneys are advocates for people who have been injured in an accident, whether it is a slip and fall, trip and fall, work related, car, motorcycle or recreational accident.  Our job is to represent the rights of the injured party, not the insurance company.  So, why do personal injury attorneys have such a… Continue Reading

Fall Protection: Don’t be caught dead without it

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Mention the words “construction worker” to most people and the picture that comes to mind is a trim, muscular male wearing jeans and work boots with a hard hat and a toll belt tied to his waist. In the case of ironworkers, masons and roofers, however, their ensembles would not be complete without some form of leather harness having metal clips to attach to a lanyard or some other form of lifeline.

The Problems and Perils of Manually Unloading Bulky Freight

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Most young people seeking employment in manufacturing plants, warehouses, and bulk storage facilities, expect their work will require them to participate in loading or unloading freight from tractor trailers. So as to avoid heavy lifting, and the risk of injury, the plant is equipped with loading docks, and the men have the benefit of material handling equipment, such as forklifts and hand jacks.

Trenching and Excavating – Don’t Dig Your Own Grave

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With the exception of an experienced, OSHA certified backhoe operator, most construction workers don’t realize how dangerous it is to climb down into a trench, even as shallow as three or four feet. OSHA requires the side walls of a trench of a depth of four feet be supported with a properly constructed plywood wall, equal to the height of the trench.

Industrial Lift Trucks: The Silent Killer – Part 2

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Pursuant to OSHA, all industrial lift truck operators in New Jersey must be licensed. This involves taking a formal training course from a certified lift truck trainer. Next, the applicant must take and pass a written test, and satisfactorily perform a driving test under actual conditions in the plant or warehouse where employed. After becoming licensed, OSHA requires the operator, every three years, to be re-evaluated by a certified trainer in order to keep the license current.