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What is Liability Coverage in an Automobile Insurance Policy? And Why Do I Need It?

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Liability coverage is a portion of your automobile insurance policy, which covers you in the event that you are the one who causes a motor vehicle accident. So, if you cause an accident, which leads to the other person sustaining injuries and they file a claim against you, this is the portion of your coverage that will assist in paying for the damages and injuries caused.

Public Employees Protected by “Right to Know” Laws

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One of the issues I am most frequently asked questions about related to the Workers’ Compensation claims I deal with on a daily basis, are right to know law issues. New Jersey’s Worker and Community Right to Know Act protects public employees by requiring their employers to label hazardous substances and maintain files of hazardous substances kept in the workplace.

Scientists Find New Evidence of Potential Problems in Toyota Vehicles

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Research scientists affiliated with the University of Maryland’s Center for Advanced Life Cycle Engineering (CALCE) have reportedly found that “Toyota vehicles with potentiometer type accelerator pedal position sensors have a propensity to grow tin whiskers that can and do cause shorts in a highly sensitive engine management area”. These results are consistent with other findings reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and NASA’s Engineering Safety Center’s investigation into reports of Toyota vehicles exhibiting unintended acceleration.

What You Need to Consider Before You Decide What Automobile Insurance Policy to Choose

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Chances are that you probably don’t know what type and what amount of automobile insurance you have. That’s usually the case for most people, that is, until you’re involved in a car accident and need your insurance. It’s imperative that you know what type of coverage you have BEFORE you get into an accident, because, once you are in an accident, you are bound by the coverage you have.

Before You’re Injured in a Car Accident, Know What’s in Your Insurance Policy

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One of the hardest things for me to tell a client who has been injured in a motor vehicle accident is that there isn’t enough coverage for their medical bills, injuries, and their losses. When someone hits you and leaves the scene of the accident, chances are they didn’t have insurance. What’s worse is, in most cases, the injured party’s insurance policy doesn’t include additional coverage for this type of situation.

New Jersey’s Workers’ Compensation Courts Recognizes Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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According to a recent New York Times article Post-Traumatic Stress Still Haunts, at least 10,000 firefighters, police officers and civilians were affected by the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. The shockwaves from this one single event have had a long and widespread emotional impact on so many people who had no physical contact with the day’s events.

Litigating Product Liability Cases in New Jersey

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Michael G. Donahue, Shareholder in Stark & Stark’s Accident & Personal Injury Group, will present a seminar entitled, Litigating Product Liability Cases in New Jersey, in conjunction with the New Jersey Law Journal as part of their Autumn CLE Package.

Be a Good Person, and Let the Jury Know It

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While a jury requires solid proof of fault on the part of the wrongdoer, as well as credible evidence of damages, letting the jury know that you are an honest and good person will also go far in maximizing any money award.

Motorcycle Riders: Medical Coverage Misconception

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There is a common misconception among motorcycle riders that if they are injured in a motorcycle accident, their car insurance or the insurance of the car that is responsible for the accident will be responsible to pay their medical bills. That is not the case. In New Jersey, as in many other states, car insurance companies are required by law to include minimum coverage for medical expenses associated with an auto accident in every policy they sell (this insurance is known as Personal Injury Protection or PIP). Insurance companies are not required to provide the same coverage for medical expenses on motorcycle policies.

When Accidents Occur at Work-related Events, Does Workers’ Compensation Still Apply?

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Summertime often brings work outings, company picnics and firm softball games. Usually these outings are a source of entertainment and team building, however, accidents can happen. The question then becomes is this a work related accident because it was at a work event or is it not work related because it wasn’t during the normal course of employment.